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Home > News > How to buy lingerie
     Heart of beauty in everyone. Beautify themselves, are human beings seek common . Today women are pursuing underwear, is a contrast of human body 's natural beauty , an expression of female curves show the charm . However, if the lingerie wearing inappropriate , not only uncomfortable , affecting health, but will not have the effect of landscaping and decorative arts figure . How to buy lingerie it? Generally consider the following aspects .
    1 Select underwear depending on their size may be. Although the female figure roughly similar, but specific to each person always some differences between . Such as height and weight is different, different shoulder width, a different level of the chest , hips different sizes , different thickness of the waist and so on. Therefore , the choice of underwear, according to their body size. Size , tight underwear uncomfortable , is not conducive to the body's blood circulation ; too big, too loose underwear modification will lose the beauty of the female role . Especially for the whole class to buy underwear up , should pay attention to this point.
    2 to pay attention to the style of underwear and matching coat . If乔奇yarn dress , high transparency, should be accompanied by a long petticoat or chest style petticoat ; cheongsam or qipao dress should be opened with the right petticoat ; skirts should also be equipped with a short style petticoat ; step skirt petticoat petticoat naturally need to open the back right . The length petticoat . Bohou and fabrics are matched and the outer skirt to achieve coordination within and outside the United States .
    3 Note that the underwear material and quality : many varieties of lingerie , underwear , even the same purpose , the material is different. So consumers should pay attention to underwear material purchase. Like buying underwear , pants , vests etc. , consumers should be better than cotton ; If you buy the waist or belt, then choose the bigger the better elasticity ; If purchased shoulder lining , lining the chest , buttocks lining both its material flexible , leavening sense , but also has shape retention . Buy underwear in addition to observing material , but at the same time pay attention to check it is working fine , especially when efforts to fill the need for some kind of fabric to wear underwear , so consumers should pay attention to fabric sewn seams are good, strong, avoid wearing after the embarrassment caused by the impact of its use value .
    4 Note that the color of the underwear . With the changing times, women's underwear has changed not only the style , the color also has a larger change from the development of a single white flesh , pink, red, black and color . Especially in recent years to increase people's "eight hours outside ," the concept of ladies underwear outerwear will be part of it. Colorful or elegant lingerie , to increase awareness of family life, leisure , adds romance to make family life more harmonious , harmonious. But one can not buy underwear from colorful perspective, but should pay attention to the mix and coat . In general, light-colored underwear and various color coat is easy to mix , and colorful underwear then there is a limit . As a decorative underwear fabrics , colors with cleverly , can really highlight the female personality charm.
    5 Note lingerie decent and generous . Modern women's underwear , especially in summer lingerie trend is light, thin, soft , dew , short and small . Which is noticeable through the dew point , the key dimension is also wearing women's underwear . Sophia Loren Speaking actress nude when he said : "nude glamor reduced performance , because of the loss of the element of mystery , the right clothes more than naked temptation ." So, when consumers buy or make your own underwear , should pay attention to Lucy was decent, thoroughly and properly . To achieve the role of women's underwear both of body modification , but also it retains a sense of mystery woman to lose femininity .